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Welcome to the new Worldsoft @ MAIL!

Given the ever-increasing demands on modern mail systems, we have searched for our customers for an efficient and robust solution - it is now available in the form of @MAIL!

What is  @MAIL?

is an efficient  turnkey email solution which is used by some of the world's largest companies.


The world's leading telecommunications provider
The global express transportation company
United  States Department of Energy
Even U.S. officials rely on the functionality and security offered by @MAIL
Glaxo Smith Kline
One of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world
FC Barcelona
Spain's national football league
Qantas is one of the world's leading long distance airlines and one of the strongest brands in Australia


Quality comes from stability and efficiency

We thrive to provide you a quality robust solution. For this reason we have chosen @MAIL that is both robust and efficient. Behind @MAIL is a company that has 10 years of experise in mail systems. The new @MAIL system provides a completely new interface, a very simple framework and a host of latest innovative features.


@MAIL is available to all Worldsoft customers

You as worldsoft customer can immediately and with just a few clicks migrate from our old mail system to @MAIL.
To do this all you have to do is login using your current accoung and click on the Control panel to migrate and manage.

New customers do not need to go through the migration as the new system is already assigned to their domains.


Customer Reactions:

"After change-over to the new mail system @MAIL my customer is very enthusiastic. He is very satisfied!"
(M. Zywicki, Time and Web Internet-Beratung)

"My changed-over customers are all very satisfied and work without any problems with the new mail system @MAIL!"
(K.-P. Spengler, Internet-Beratung Spengler)

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